Design Pro designs support an unlimited number of different page layouts, selectable by the user for each page from the Page Layout properties window. Even though there is no limit to the layouts that are part of a design, the recommended number of page layouts is no more than 5 or 6, as having more than that may create confusion for the site owner and many page layouts may indicate a poor planning of the site design

A typical configuration for example may include the following layouts Splash, Home, Inside, Home + Secondary Navigation, Inside + Secondary Navigation, Blank.

Adding a New Layout

To add a new layout click the + icon at top right in the page layouts tab-panel. When the + icon is clicked, a new tab will appear and you will be prompted to enter a name for it.

Duplicating an Existing Layout

To duplicate a layout, rollover the respective tab and wait for the two colored icons for that tab to appear. Clicking the blue icon at top right of the tab will create a copy of that tab and automatically prompt you to enter a name for this new duplicate layout.

Designating a Default Page Layout

When your design has more than 1 page layout you can define a default layout, which will be pre-selected in the page layout drop-down when the site owner adds a new page. To set up a layout as the default, in the Layout Editor, select the page element for the Layout you want to make as default. In the Properties panel at left, from the Default Page Layout drop-down select Yes.

Note that defining one layout as default, doesn't disable that option for other layouts. It's the designer's responsibility to have only one default defined per design, as having multiple may have unexpected behavior (one of the defaults will take precedence over the other).


Renaming a Page Layout

To rename a layout, double click the caption of the layout's respective tab. You will be prompted to enter the updated name. You can press ESC to cancel the change.


Deleting a Page Layout

To delete a color theme (other than the default), rollover its respective tab and wait for the red colored icon for that tab to appear (at top right). Clicking the red X icon will prompt you for a confirmation after which the theme will be deleted.


Admin Area Top Padding

If you have content elements close to the top edge of the page, you can add padding at the top for Admin Area. This way, the edit icons for content elements that are close to the top will not be overlapped by the top menu (Add Content, Control Panel, etc.)