A. Configure the Domain

If email hosting is included with your website account, you will need to contact our Support team using the HELP button in your website Admin to enable the mail services for your domain. Your domain should be first properly configured:


1. If you have registered your domain, and it will be entirely hosted with us (domain, web and mail), you will need to update the Name servers for your domain to:




1. If your domain is hosted with another provider, but you will be using mail services with us, please set (or ask your DNS hosting provider to set) the following Mail (MX) records for it:


*You also need to create an "A" record MAIL. pointing to and a WEBMAIL. "A" record that points to

2. If you are currently using mail services with another provider, we'll need to follow a mail hosting transfer procedure that ensures seamless transition without loss of email. For the exact steps, please contact us using the Help button in your website Admin.

If we have registered the domain for you, we'll apply the needed domain settings for you

Once we confirm that your domain properly set up and mail services are enabled, we'll send you administration details for managing the mail boxes and helping users at your domain set up and use their accounts.