The Database Grid application lets you display on a page the information stored in the available Databases on the site. Once installed from the Applications Catalog, the Database Grid becomes available in your Add-Ons section on the Left Menu.











From the My Add-Ons section on the Left Menu, drag-and-drop the Database Grid and add it to a blue area on the page. Roll over the DB Grid and click on the wheel icon to enter the properties of the application. All databases saved under your account will appear in the Database drop-down menu.
Specify the number of items you want displayed on the page. Choose the columns you want displayed.

You can sort the columns on the page by the data in one of the columns, and in ascending or descending order.

You can enable or disable search for one of the columns. For instance, if one of your columns lists brands of items, search enabled by column brand allows your users to search the database grid for a particular brand.

The Database Grid on the page is adjusted in appearance to the design theme of the site. It adopts the main font style and size of the site.