How to generate a Sitemap and submit it to Google and Yahoo

Adding a sitemap to your website will facilitate its proper indexing by search engines. The sitemap contains a list of all your site pages in a format which is easily readable by search engine bots.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on creating a sitemap, uploading it to your site and submitting it to Google and Yahoo.

1. Generate a sitemap online here: Just enter your website's URL address and press the Start button. Your sitemap will be generated in several file formats, suitable for submission at Google, Yahoo, etc. Download the XML version. Do not change the filename.

2. Enter the Admin View of your site and upload the sitemap from Control Panel > Site Properties > Special Features > Site Static Files.


 3.  To submit your sitemap to Google, first open a Google webmaster account from here:


a. Add the URL of your site on the dashboard and after entering its Overview, go to Sitemaps > Add Sitemap. A new page will open and from its dropdown choose to add a general web sitemap. Enter the URL of the sitemap (it should look like


b. Go back to the Overview and verify your site.

c. Google will now be able to fully crawl your website and provide detailed statistical reports containing data about the queries returning pages from your site, which of them were clicked, etc.

4. To submit your sitemap to Yahoo, sign up for a Yahoo account here:

a. Go to Yahoo Site Explorer:, select 'Submit Site Feed' and enter the sitemap URL.

b. After submitting the URL, click on the Authentication tab of the Site Explorer window. Yahoo will provide an authentication key that you should download on your computer.


Upload it to your site from Control Panel > Site Properties > Site Static Files. In the Yahoo panel click on the Ready to Authenticate button.

c. After the authentication process is completed, you will be provided with information for the pages in your site, including the language as detected by Yahoo, the last time Yahoo crawled the page, a list of subdomains from your site in the index, etc.