Monitoring and analyzing your traffic and user behavior

Even if you have applied all the proper search engine optimization tips, it might take about 2-3 weeks before search engines crawl and index your site. Until then, get acquainted with several traffic statistics tools that will help you monitor and analyze the behavior of your site visitors and adjust your site strategy accordingly:

1. Site Statistics tool will let you monitor the hits to your site and pages on a daily and monthly basis, as well as the sites referring visitors to you.

2. Google Analytics (GA) is a free statistics tool which is easily integrated into your site. The interface provides detailed dashboard-type information and in-depth reports on the behavior of your site visitors such as the time visitors spend on each page from your site, referrers, search engine queries your visitors used to find you, links they clicked, the last page they visit before leaving your site, etc.

Please view our detailed tutorial for more information on how to integrate GA with your site.

3. Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) provide information on your pages visibility in Google, with detailed reports on your site links, the search queries through which your users arrive at your site, etc. Inside the interface you may also upload a sitemap. Google webmaster interface requires verification of your site before you may view your site statistics. To get verified by follow these steps:

- in your GWT account click the 'Verify' button located next to the URL of your site
- As a Verification Method you will be offered a meta tag, or Upload an HTML file. Choose the second option and click - "Download this HTML verification file" and Save the file to your computer.    
- Enter the Admin View of your site and upload the HTML verification file from Control Panel > Site Properties > Special Features > Site Static Files.
- click the 'Verify' button in your GWT account

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