Navigation Items and SubItems


You can add navigation items in all navigation areas (up to 4) available inside your design. Navigation subitems are only available for the main site navigation.


To add navigation items roll over the navigation area (if it is empty - rollover the gray Empty Navigation box) and click the  image displayed on its top right.



Green rectangles will appear to indicate the locations where your new navigation item may be added. Select the desired location and add the navigation item. 



Navigation items have the following properties:

  • Caption: the text to be printed on the menu item
  • Link: the page or external URL this menu item will link to

Once Advanced Options are enabled the following additional properties are displayed:

  • Sub-caption: displayed under the item caption text, using a smaller font.

  • Mouse Over Tooltip: displayed when the item is moused over. If left empty - the menu caption will be used.  
  • Color: the menu item color (available with some designs only)
  • Navigation Item Images: images used to customize the menu item appearance (available with some designs only). Recommended for advanced users. The following sub-options are available:
    1. Image Source: You can select to Upload Custom images or choose such from our Stock Image Library.
      Here are some example items from our Image Library:

    2. Image Location: You can choose to display an item with only an image or an image with a caption. The image can be on the left or right sides of the caption.

    3. Resize to Fit: With this option enabled, larger images will be scaled down to fit the navigation item button. The option is available only for Custom Images, and is set by default for stock images.

    4. Normal / Rollover / Selected Image: From here you can select the default image for each state, when the item is idle, when you mouse-over it, and when the item is currently selected.


Navigation subitems are only available for the main navigation areas. To add a navigation subitem rollover or click the desired main menu item and its subnavigation area will be displayed. If no other subitems exist, a gray Empty Subnavigation box will be displayed. Rollover the subnavigation area and add subnavigation items from the  icon on the right.